Keto Crisps: Curators Pork Puffs

The keto snack that gives into your crisp cravings!

Curators: Original Salted Pork Puffs (Bulk Box)

Often described as the keto quaver. These pork puffs are my go to snack when I want a crunch and they always deliver!

Perfect companion with a keto sandwich

They came in 3 different flavours:

Original Salted (Keto Friendly)

Salt & Vinegar (Lazy Keto - has minimal sugar & rice flour - 0.24g per bag)

Sweet Chilli BBQ (Not Keto Friendly - has sugar & dextrose - 2.2g per bag)

***My meals fit my macros and my calorie intake for the day, please track yours and adjust accordingly.***

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