Your new Keto lifestyle: How I started mine

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Here's how I started my ketogenic journey, that helped me lose 98lbs!

Let me start off by saying I hate to use the word ‘diet’ as I believe it negatively views the way we see food and the way we eat. My preferred word of choice is ‘lifestyle’ as that encourages a more positive approach towards your goals and relationship with food. So in this blog you will never see me use the word diet, only lifestyle or journey, as that’s what life is, a journey.

I first heard about the ketogenic lifestyle in January 2019. I didn’t give my approach to keto any real thought and just winged it with no real knowledge or preparation. I’ve realised during this period I wasn't doing keto properly and it was more of a low carb, high protein approach. Though this was what I found success with back in 2013, when I had lost 110lbs on a low carb lifestyle. Back then I didn’t even think of fat as a powerful macronutrient compared to protein, at the time. My meals consisted of high protein, zero carbs and hardly any fat. Six years later and I had ballooned to 410lbs (110lbs I lost back on, plus another 100lbs) which is crazy when I think back to this.

110lbs weight loss in 2013

June 2019 was the month things started to change, though at this point I was hardly doing keto, if I was it was on & off. I wasn’t tracking macros and I was binge eating pretty much every week if not more. I was going through a strange time in my life, I quit my full time job of 5 years to pursue a completely different career path which was a massive gamble. Though this made me realise how far I had let my health go and that needed to do something about it, not just for physical health but for my mental wellbeing aswell, health is wealth. So I was ready to get my life back. I began researching properly into ketosis and its benefits, I was curious and intrigued on the effects ketosis has on the mind and body.

Dec 2018 (left) Feb 2020 (right)

After reading ketogenic articles and watching many YouTube videos I stopped procrastinating and dived in. My ketogenic journey began in July 2019. I kept it simple to begin with, calculated my BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) and used a ketogenic macro calculator I found online. I then started to track my macros using My Fitness Pal. The first 2 weeks in I had lost 14lbs (1 stone) I was ecstatic! I carried on with tracking macros and sticking to my plan and by the end of July I had lost over 2 stone! I didn’t go gym once, just went out for daily walks. I felt great and had so much energy and such clear headspace.

Over 2 stone lost in month

Fast forward to me writing this in May 2020 and I’ve lost 98lbs (7 stone). I’ve gone from a 58inch waist to a 44inch waist. Though I’ve still got more weight to lose, I know following a ketogenic lifestyle will help me achieve my goals and I can't wait to share my journey and more experiences along the way!​

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